The Jewellery that You Can Wear for a Night Out in Town  

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You can make a great impression by wearing the right type of accessories. Regardless of the occasion, you can choose certain types of jewellery that will make you stand out. One of the types of jewelry types that you can choose is Jackie Brazil’s designer jewellery, which gets its inspiration from Brazil’s vibrant colours.

This jewellery is a Brazilian brand of well-designed ornaments that come in vibrant colours. It is one of the quality resin designer jewelleries that you can find in the market in our day. It includes bracelets, necklaces and pendants which are all unique and ideal to wear for an evening out.

The products in this line of jewellery are always updated and this ensures that they are always desirable. The pieces of jewellery are designed to create fashionable and chick looks. You can choose long necklaces that have double chains and you can choose to wear them over the top of a night or evening outfit.

Jackie Brazil’s designer jewellery is highly regarded in the fashion world since it is beautiful, big and bold. It is made with resin, which has been dyed in the colour of the rainbow in order to create jewellery pieces that are gorgeous and striking. Rezende Sobral is the Brazilian designer who is responsible for making this jewellery and his designs are popular even with celebrities like BeyoncĂ©.

This designer jewellery is able to make any outfit attractive due to its combination of bold, chunky designs with bright colours. The pieces all represent the vibrancy of modern Brazilian culture since the country is among the world’s fastest growing economies in terms of creativity, technology and manufacturing. Sobral began designing resin jewellery more than thirty years ago in a farm located in Rio de Janeiro.

All individual pieces of this jewellery are polished by hand and this is a labor intensive task that takes time. The designs are created with Acrylic Resin by utilizing several techniques in order to produce colour combinations and charismatic patterns that one is able to see throughout the collection. For this reason, all pieces are unique and they come at affordable prices. You can wear them in any season. is your on line accessories boutique specializing in exquisite beachwear, holiday wear, accessories and pretty jewellery.

Fashion Accessories for Fall  

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Spring has come and gone and summer is fast drawing to an end, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about the latest styles for fall fashion accessories. If you want to look fresh next season, here are some of the latest fashion accessories for Fall that you’ll see on runways and in stores: 

Cool-Weather Hats

The floppy fedora that you love to wear this summer is still going to be around for fall, so don’t dump it yet. In addition to this trend, however, designers are taking a cue from Mother Nature for fall head gear and accessorizing their models with fashions that add plenty of warmth. Boy beanies, berets, and fur or faux fur caps are all incredibly popular items that will be making an appearance in boutiques this fall.


Hair feathers are another accessory that will carry over into fall 2011. Whether it’s colorful, skinny feather extensions or larger, behind-the-ear pieces, hair feathers continue to make a statement. Salons can add feather extensions to your hair directly, or you can look for feather clip accessories that attach temporarily to the underside of your hair.

Metallic Jewelry

Metallic details and accents are making an appearance on everything from shoes to handbags and are an easy way to add a little flair to any outfit. Taking the metallic trend to the next level of sophistication, solid metal jewelry is a great look for late summer and fall 2011. Drawing on ancient Greek and modern minimalist influences, these solid metal cuff bracelets, skinny bangles, and collar necklaces are stunning whether made of precious metals or their less expensive cousins.

Suede Shoes

Suede is showing up on just-for-fall boots and pumps. Suede can look luxurious or bohemian, depending on its application, and this fall, look for it on footwear with eye-catching colors and styles.

Structured Handbags

Geometrically-designed handbags that make use of interesting colors and lots of pockets have been popular throughout 2011, and they aren’t going anywhere for fall. Rectangular bags whether large or small are everywhere for fall. Look for one in a chic neutral leather or a bold cloth print to be right on target with next season’s style.

From strong to playful, you can look forward to some great styles for fall 2011’s fashion accessories.

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