Tips on Choosing the Right Tie for Men's Formal Attire  

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A necktie or tie is one of the most loved fashion accessories for men. Although it’s only just a small piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe, it takes a big part in making his business attire look complete and best. It also has a great impact on his character and personality because it signifies that he has a good taste in fashion if he chooses the right tie that works well with him.

With so many choices for which tie to select among huge variety of style, design, color and patterns, it's really tricky and complicated to pick out the perfect one. So to help you out in choosing the right tie that best suits for you and complements well with your attire, here are some tips that you must take in consideration.

1. Consider the quality of fabric

When choosing a necktie, your first main concern is the quality of its fabric as well as the kind of material it has used. A good quality tie is made up of 100% silk. So it’s most recommended to buy a silk tie because you can’t go wrong with its luster and glossy that will definitely give you a polished appearance and perfectly complement your formal attire. Aside from this, it’s also durable to use because this kind of fabric will certainly last much longer.

2. Choose the Right Length of tie that is proportion to your height

Selecting the right length of the tie is another important key that should be considered when buying this kind of men’s fashion accessories. A tie can make or break your whole attire if it’s not proportion to your height. So if you are tall, you will look best if you choose a long tie and vice versa if you are shorter.

According to fashion tie experts, the best way to know the right length of the tie that best suit to your height, is that the triangular point at its wide end should meet your bucket when it’s tied properly around your neck. As much as possible, the tip of your tie should extend ½ inch past to your belt line.

3. Complement the Color of tie to your Dress Shirt or Suit

After choosing the quality and the right length of the tie that best suits for you, the next thing you need to consider is its color. Selecting the appropriate color of the tie should be matched with the color of your dress shirt or suit. So it’s necessary to know how to coordinate well its color to your attire for you to have a right balance and harmony.

For Plain White Dress Shirts
Any colored tie will match with a plain white dress shirt. So you will never go wrong in choosing in any of your tie especially if you are still in any doubt in dealing with its color combination.

For Colored Dress Shirts best way to complement a tie with your colored dress shirts is to create a contrast. Basically, if you have a dark dress shirt, it’s recommended to use a light colored tie. On the other hand, if your dress shirt has a light color, you should use a dark colored tie. Wearing the same color of tie and dress shirt is also possible provided that the tie should be either lighter or darker with the color of the dress shirt.

For Stripped or Checkered Dress Shirts you have a stripped or checkered dress shirt, just select a tie with a color that matches the dominant color of the stripes or checks in the dress shirt.

4. Coordinate the Pattern of tie to your Dress Shirt

Dealing with patterns is really hard in choosing the right tie that matches well with your dress shirt. Unlike with plain dress shirts that only included the color coordination while choosing a tie, ties for the stripped or checkered dress shirts must also consider its pattern coordination. That’s because patterns can also turn you down if they are not well-complemented so you really need to be very careful in coordinating them. tie with box pattern, pin or polka dots can be matched to a stripped dress shirt. For checkered shirts, you can also wear a tie with diagonal stripes. But be sure to choose a color that complements well with the dominant color of the dress shirt before dealing with patterns. And you must also consider the size of the stripes or the checks. Always remember that they should be different with the size of the stripes of your dress shirt to avoid looking dizzy. If you still in any doubt in dealing with patterns, just better consider the basic rule which is creating a contrast. So if you’re wearing a patterned dress shirt, just wear a solid colored tie and vice versa.

As soon as you get the tie that looks well with you, it’s really important to know how to tie it properly. This is your last step and the best key to look at your best with your tie.

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Louis Vuitton Takes the Top Spot in the World's Most Powerful Luxury Brand  

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Louis Vuitton, a French luxury fashion and leather good brand company, was recently announced as the most valuable luxury brand in the world based on the study conducted by Millward Brown and was presented by Among thousands of luxury brands compete for the said title, Louis Vuitton took the top spot with a brand value of $25.74 million.

louis vuitton handbags

BrandZ as “The Basis of Ranking”

The ranking of the world’s most powerful luxury brand was based on the profile of BrandZ, a brand equity database that holds data from over 650, 0000 consumers and professional across 31 countries, comparing over 50, 000 brands. It was developed by Millward Brown, starting in 1998.

The finalized ranking was based on the collected data of the said company across a period of time from millions of customers. Each of them was asked to evaluate luxury brands they mostly shop in, as well as their expectations from these brands. Another factor for the basis of ranking was also depended on the value in dollars of each company.

Here's the list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Luxury Brand Company according to Millward Brown BrandZ Ranking:

top 10 list world's most powerful luxury brand

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